Monday, August 6, 2007


I just logged into maple today and found my items missing.

3wa 8luk pink cape - gone
12wa white wg - gone
43wa maple kandayo - gone
22 luk red sauna - gone
12 dex bss - gone
16 steelies - gone
about 70million mesos - gone
15k a-cash - gone

There are only two persons who know my password besides me.

One is my grandson who said that when he last log in, my char was still in pc & sauna.
The other is my bf who has gone 'missing' and I'm unable to contact him.

If my bf took it, I can understand that he wants to sell to get some meso but ..

1. he already has alot of meso.. close to 200million meso plus godly equips worth more than 200 million meso for sure (cos he last sold his DT that is highest att in maplesea for 200mil + with top up of something else). Why does he need to take my puny mesos & items to sell?

2. Even if he did not sell it and just wanted to lend to a friend, couldn't he have just told me? Further more I remembered asking him if he still goes into maple and he say he doesn't. I also have an sms from him as proof which I keep it.

3. If he wants to take the equips because he thinks that they are his because he scrolled them, then why does he take my mesos which I earned myself & use up my a-cash which I use my own money to buy? Also he still owes me mesos for the 5stars & 2 scrolls that I passed to him to sell which until now he never return. Is he a cheat?

What made me even more fed up was that idiot even make my character die once. Take items still must touch my character. Lvl 79 hermit where got so easy to die?

I tried using subi to train at Finance of Flamming Raccoon and I didn't even die lor. Just that what use to took me 3 to 4 L7 to kill the yak girls took me a bloody average of 8 L7 to finish one of these girls off. Then when I was killing halfway and trying not to get ksed by other hermits, my only subi ran out of stars!

I walked out of PL and bumped into this stupid sin who said 'WOW, so PRO!'. Walau.. kena hack still want to SUAN me. So I cursed him to be hacked 100 times. ><

I tried searching for my bf's account but none of them were online (dardarboi, yijlaren, xkampongboix etc). Then I went to the FM to find his stall to see if he really sold my items. That would atleast solve the mystery, or so I thought. However I couldn't find his stall so I decided to log off.

For the moment I still do not know who took the items but to take them without asking is an act of theft. Also I am very sure that person just logged in an hour before I logged in at 5+pm as my account was showing the last log in time to be 6th Aug 07 4.14pm and last log out time to be 6th Aug 07 4.43pm.

Some nerve he/she has to take my entertainment away just when I suddenly got into the mood to start mapling again... anyway I shall go back to reading my book for now.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Maplesea B'day

I was looking through the photos of Maplesea's 2nd Anniversary event and I can't help but notice the huge difference between M'sia & S'pore's bakery standards.

Here is the cake in M'sia. Looks very nice right? Like it just flew out from a child's wonderful drawing. The slime also looks like a huge healthy dough of wasabi.

Then we have the S'pore version:

Yucks! For one thing, the green color looks abit like mint floride toothpaste, and the other, the slime seems to be rotten dead for years.

According to our mushroomy-dressed secret agent by the code name of Pia, the maplesea slime-hunters were too lazy to hunt one. Instead they grabbed a dying slime right around Lith Harbour, stomped on it, repainted it and finally smacked it on the cake that is actually made of plasticine.

Not only that, a horrendous weird-looking bunny lady by the name of Jane told one of our reporters she saw someone attempting suicide. Here is the photo taken by the witness from the maple event crime scene.

Since the bunny lady was just as horrid news-worthy, we decided to take her picture too, to which she politely agreed.

The event was so hot that there were a few gate-crashers. However none drew more attention than a 'Dalai Lama' from Timbaktu. His special powers include making blue hotdogs that cannot be eaten.

Not to be outdone, another strange man was spotted trying to impress the audience by making a yellow hotdog that unsuccessfully became a giant banana..

Poni Chai, our intern reporter from Showa interviewed a few spectators. The survey revealed that the crowd were more interested in the tasting the strange man's maggie-mee beard. Rumors said that the pink woman behind him was attempting an assult on his noodle hair. We found no supporting witnesses (who were still alive).

Towards the end of the event, we found some dangerous-looking weapons made accessible to public. A boy who claimed to be associated with the Dark Lord in Kerning started waving the sword madly at us. It is believed that one of the swords were stolen from Yang Guo. Unfortunately none of us made out of that place alive.

I am writing this in heaven right now.

Thank you for reading this utter crap. This has been a luckie paparazzi special.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Soo.. Kian say wan see luckie in action..

..I show you all something got even more action!

Click only if you like wu xia xiao shuo at your own risk.


Part I Part II

Saturday, June 2, 2007

So Sienzz..

.... cos' I can't play maple again today!!

xLuckiex hasn't had proper training for almost a month, not to mention she died umpteen times during the last 'training' & exp drop like siao.. =_____________________=

Luckie is officially stuck at Level 79 at 67% exp.

What's worse is to be stuck at a time when there's 2x drop & the launch of 4th job is just around the corner. I've also heard a rumor that there will be a Singapore map patch coming our way. There will be landmarks like Changi Airport in Maplesea.

To be fair to our citizen players of Maplesea, maybe they should have M'sia map too.. and Indonesia.. Maybe they should turn the whole of Maplesea into a real world map.. hahaha!!

Haven't they already been doing that?

Wan-tai = Taiwan
Showa/Zipangu = Japan
China Shanghai = China
Korean Folk Town = Korea

Speaking of Korea.. I've just borrowed 2 Korea Movie DVDs from my friend.
Gonna watch it now.. bb!

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Cash Shop Day!!

Well.. it's still laggy today.

I dc-ed fr maple less than 10min after I start to afk =____= ..and I afked st8 after logging in!!!

I didn't get to train one bit so I decided to hang around in the Cash Shop!!

At first, I thought of creating a Da-Chang-Jin myself..

But as you can see, my eyes didn't fit Da-Chang-Jin's innocent appeal so I tried something that could cover up my 'ugly' eyes!


I quite like this outfit as it's kinda cool, dark & enigmatic.

First I've got this opera face mask-like hat that reminds me of Phatom of the Opera. Next I've got this eye mask that resembles Zorro... and the cat suit gives a Ninja-Shinobi look!!

Then I thought of Coolie Zombies suddenly so maybe I should dress up like one of them..

Nah! Guess not! People might mistake me a zombie and KS me!!

Hmm.. How about something provocative?

This sure looks wild and erm.. weird with the bear toes! With the hands infront.. it sure looks like xluckiex's taking a shower and scrubbing those foams! XD

Then I spotted the SF Ninja top and helm. xluckiex's kinda like a ninja anyway so why not?

Err..looks more like some Power Ranger cum alien fighter cum fighter pilot!

Ok maybe I should try some normal clothes.. trainer clothes!

hm.. quite cool huh?

Suddenly I saw the Purple Slanted Visor!

This was the first Cash Item I have ever worn and was a gift from my boyfriend! :D

Anyway back to the costumes....

Since I'm 'meow' I should try the cat outfits!

So cuteeee ritee!!!!

In the end, I have no cash-points.. so it's back to the old xluckiex again!!

Moral of the story: Even if you have no cash points you can also have fun at the Cash Shop!! Happiness comes from how you feel and not how much you spend!